Dr Anthony Baker and
Mrs Sylvia Duncan

For Years They Appear To Have Ran A Criminal Racket Whose Victims Were Unsuspecting Parents of Adversaries to Clients Of TWM Solicitors and Others Solicitor Practices.

M's Sister Knew F was Being Stitched Up Before The Report Was Written
How Could This Be An Isolated Event?

It Appears The Target Behind Dr Baker's Approach Was To Use The Contact With Children
As Blackmail In The Financial Aspects Of Divorce

Every Court In England And Wales Relied On Dr Baker

He Was Judge And Jury In Every Case He Touched

Referred To As "Tony" By Baker J.

That Was



And The Employment By M Of Boodle And Hatfield

The Information Behind The Disclosure Orders Being Sought Since 2012
Will Possibly Lead To Their Arrest And Charging.

In K vK The Judiciary Appear To Have Sought To Protect Them

The Allegations, If Upheld By A Jury Represents A Judiciary
Acting With Pure Contempt For All Victims
And Total And Utter Contempt To Society

Why Did 4 High Court Judges Refuse Insight Into The Here And Now
That Sat Behind The Disclosure Requests By F???

Dr Baker, He Got "Fat" Off Divorce whilst his Victims and other victims of this evil fusion of Medical and Legal Professions became Drug Addicts Alcoholics

Or committed/ attempted to commit Suicide as a result of the mental damage he caused.

The evil effects of his exploits are yet to be discovered in full.

What is for certain is that he destroyed lives, many lives :

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Discover More In The Coming Weeks.
Compare Reports and Discover A Standard Pattern Of The Marketing
Of Ashwood Medico Legal Services.

This Was A Money Spinner

The Judiciary Fell For It

Discover How Sylvia Duncan And Others Spent Their Careers Fixing Issues Reported On By Baker
"A Compelling Witness"
That Never Actually Existed
Is It Any Wonder They Were Viewed As Miracle Workers?? !!!!

Is It Any Wonder This Axis Of Evil Became The Most Respected Team In This Field ?

Not Surprisingly
And In Light Of a Law Society That Refuses To Police It's Members
Favoured Solicitors Had Their Clients Queueing Around The Block For Their Services For Months On End. For This Pair It was Christmas Trading All Year
They Filled Their Pockets To Overflowing.

Re TWM Solicitors
(Who Have An Accolade Of Excellence From The Law Society)

" They Did A Good Job On F"

"M Did Everything She Was Told To"

Until It Appears By Events That They Got Caught Out And She Employed Boodle And Hatfield

Who Paid Huge Sums For This 3 years into Divorce Proceedings ?

And Why?

The Family Division Had Full Understanding That The Answers To This Simple Question

It Was And Now Is Likely To Cost Over

£1 Billion In Damages